Month: October 2017

Big Cork Vineyards 2015 Cabernet Franc

Winemaker Dave Collins was probably the perfect guy to bring on board the Big Cork Vineyards team back in 2011 when the winery was first planting its grapes. He’d already been in the business for over 30 years, with his latest gig just across the Potomac River in Virginia — just 10 miles from the current Big Cork Vineyards estates. So not only did he come with winemaking experience, he was familiar with the terroir and what grapes would grow well and where. Obviously the pursuit was successful, today the winery boasts over 35 acres planted to vines with about 21 different grape varietals.

When asked which grape was his favorite, Collins says, “That’s like asking me to tell you which of my kids is my favorite! […] Each one is important for its own accomplishments and personality, but it’s how they work as a team that is my favorite thing!”

Well, personally, I love a good Cab Franc. While they’re becoming more main stream, a single-varietal bottle is still a bit of a challenge to find. So I was most excited when the Big Cork Vineyards 2015 Cabernet Franc arrived in my Big Cork delivery.


Big Cork Vineyards 2015 Barbera

I don’t know a lot about East Coast wines in general and didn’t even consider Maryland as a grape-growing region until I recently came across Royal Rabbit Vineyard. But according to a recent article from Wine Enthusiasts, Maryland is the new wine country to watch. “Today, Maryland is enjoying a wine renaissance,” says writer Dave McIntyre “The Free State had only 12 wineries at the turn of the century; that number was up to 85 at the beginning of this year.” And, with just over 900 acres planted to vines, most wineries are planting their own vineyards, predominantly producing estate wines.

Such is the case with Big Cork Vineyards. And since I so enjoyed the Barbera from Royal Rabbit Vineyard not that long ago, I thought the Big Cork Vineyards 2015 Barbera would be a good place to begin my Big Cork adventure and continue my exploration of Maryland wine.