Practically hanging off the cliffs of the most northern portion of Sonoma Coast is the quaint but luxurious seaside resort Timber Cove. Founded and constructed by San Francisco native and world-renowned architect, Richard Clements Jr., the original building was built in 1963 as a nod to the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, combining modernism with naturalism — an exaggerated A-frame structure utilizing the surrounding redwoods and stones.

Since that time, the resort has had a few different owners, renovations, and expansions. This past year, Timber Cove’s latest reconstruction takes visitors back to that simpler sixties style — with no shortage of modern amenities. Indeed, with more rooms (and larger rooms), activities, and not to mention the excellent on-site restaurant, guests can experience a full-on retreat from the hustle and bustle of the traditional wine country setting. With roads that twist and turn along Sonoma’s Coast, visitors can and will find hidden gems — from roadside farm stands to boutique wineries; scenic surf spots to backroad hiking trails. Timber Cove is truly a seaside escape.