When most folks think of Spain, *probably* the first thing that comes to mind is red wine. But the country actually has a lot of decent still white wine—and no, not all of it is Albariño. In a previous post, I talked about how I compartmentalizing a few of the major red wine producing regions of Spain has been helping me with my WSET Diploma studies. Today, I’m doing the same but with the white wines of Spain. So, once again, let’s start with a little theory:

Describe three major white wine producing regions in Spain, including climate, topography, and typical viticultural practices. What is the main white wine grape of each region? Describe them and explain why they are suited to that particular environment. What are the common winemaking methods used to produce these varieties? Describe the resulting wines in a dry tasting note.

Wine from Spain with Protected Geographical Indication; courtesy winesfoodsfromspain.com
Wine from Spain with Protected Geographical Indication; courtesy foodswinesfromspain.com

Below, I’ve got bullet points that answer those few questions along with my tasting notes from each region. I’ve also slipped in a few Pop Quiz/Trivia questions throughout this post—see if you can answer those as well.

Buena suerte y salud!