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DipWSET Theory and Tasting—White Wines of Portugal

Don’t forget, Portugal makes white wines too. And it’s not all in Vinho Verde. Let’s take a look at some key white wine grapes, white wine producing regions, and tasting notes.

Loureiro wine grape;
Loureiro wine grape;


Check out my Top Portugal 10—10 ‘quick facts’ to know about Portugal as a wine producing country.

For a general overview on Portugal, please see Wine Region Overview: Portugal, based on WSET Level 3


DipWSET Theory—Portugal

Before I get into any tastings, I’m sharing my Top Portugal 10—the top 10 ‘quick’ facts I’ve decided are the ‘need to know’ to master this wine producing country. In black are my ‘quick facts,’ as written in my notes. In pink are a few ‘fun facts’ I found in my supplemental reading materials.

What are your favorite Portuguese wine facts? Share with me—either in the comments below or contact me directly. Vamos la!


Wine Region Overview: Portugal

Welcome to Portugal! Due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the majority of the country’s grape growing regions have a moderate maritime climate. However, there are inland areas that experience hot, dry weather patterns, thus are categorized as continental. With the various climatic conditions, it comes as no surprise that the range of grapes grown and wines produced vary from region to region.

[Information based on WSET Level 3 material]


This Week’s Latest Wine Headlines: April 2—April 9

Hey cool kids, I’ll keep this short. Once again I find myself preparing for another long weekend of WSET Diploma Zoom-ing. Not complaining—enjoying myself, learning a lot and tasting some really interesting wines I probably wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to taste. I hope all of you have something fun and relaxing planned as well as some fun in the glass in hand.

There’s a lot of news this week. So while you’re sipping, take your time and scroll through—even the press releases are pretty interesting this week. (Well, I wouldn’t include them if they weren’t…)

Stay well, stay healthy, and drop me a line anytime…cheers!