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Latest Wine Headlines: April 10—15

Happy Easter to all who celebrate. Happy Passover to all who celebrate. Happy weekend to all who celebrate. No matter what you’re celebrating, even if it’s just life in general, I hope you’re having a good time of it and have a lovely glass in hand. We have modest plans at my place, and that has not stopped me from putting together my weekly shortlist of wine-newsy items. Some good stuff on the list, but one in particular I want to highlight, written by yours truly, is a feature interview with Vivianne Kennedy—the only openly Transgender winemaker in the US. If you’ve not yet read this piece, check it out. And then when you’re done, travel on over to the RAM Cellars website and pick up a few bottles of amazingness. (Or better yet, join the wine club—that’s what I did!)


My personal balancing act…



Latest Wine Headlines: April 2—8

This week was one of those crazy busy weeks. What month is it? What day is it? What time is it slash what time zone am I living in—mentally, emotionally, physically? Yah. But one must keep up on the wine news. So here it is. I do hope you appreciate and enjoy. Cheers to the weekend.


by studios Atelier Manasse, Viena, ca 1920s



Latest Wine Headlines: March 6—March 11

Hello my people and happy weekend. PSA announcement for those living in the US States that participate—Spring Forward this weekend!

Speaking of Spring Forward. I’m ready to tell you all about my own forward and upward springing. As of this last Monday, March 7, I am officially immersed in my new full-time position as the Senior Editor of print for Wine Enthusiast magazine. Woohoo.

I still have this week’s wine-newsy round-up. And it is a doozy. I mean, there’s loads going on—between Women’s History Month, the drinks industry’s wonderful support of Ukraine, new AVAs, and wine industry data analytics through to some more light-hearted entertaining pieces, including an exposé on Mo’s “Tavernas,” wine-related binge-watching, and even good old classic wine recommendations. I suggest pouring yourself a Briscoe-sized glass, squashing into a big comfy chair, and scrolling at your leisure.

SlainteSaluteSaludCin-cin! and Cheers!!!




Latest Wine Headlines: February 12—18

Hello my people and happy weekend—happy long weekend for those who may have the three-day due to President’s Day on Monday. What is up with me, you ask? Well this weekend, I’ll be moderating the Rhone Rangers Experience in Paso Robles. Looking forward to seeing folks I haven’t seen in awhile, making some new friends, and of course tasting some fabulous wines.

What else? Oh yes, I’ve started teaching WSET classes, most recently at the newly created Odyssey Wine Academy. It’s so wonderful to share the knowledge and passion I’ve acquired over the years through my studies with fellow wine enthusiasts.

Alright, that’s all of my selfish news. You can find the real news below. Enjoy!