Month: December 2019

South of France Part Deux

I’ve already played a little South of France Q&A, but I want to take a moment to cover a few grapes and regions I didn’t get to cover in that first post. Specifically, I want to talk about the grapes that are grown throughout the broader South of France area and then zero in on Provence for a bit.


Pop Quiz(es): South of France

Again, I didn’t come across any actual short answer practice questions during my tutoring specifically covering the South of France. So, like I did with the Loire Valley, I’m going to compile a few multiple choice questions and turn them into short answer questions to help me deep dive into the South of France. Who wants to play?


Loire Valley Regional Round-Up and Wine Review

In a previous post I did a little Loire Valley Q&A. Today, I want to take some time to compile that information together with some of the key points of the region that I didn’t have a chance to cover. To start with a broad outlook, there are four sub-regions in the Loire Valley, but note that these sub-regions are not appellation designates, nor is there any generic regional appellations that encompasses the whole of the Loire. (There is and IGP called Val de Loire that covers the entirety of the Loire Valley. Wines designated with the IGP label are said to be simple, light, fresh, and fruity.)

The four sub-regions are:

  1. The Central Vineyards
  2. Touraine
  3. Anjou-Saumur
  4. Nantais
Courtesty Fernando Beteta


Pop Quiz(es): Loire Valley

I never really realized just how large the Loire Valley is until I started studying for the WSET Level 3. It’s…pretty big. Like, a bit intimidating big. And, unfortunately, I don’t have a really good short answer question that can help break it down for me. So, I’m being creative. I’m using some sample multiple choice questions I found around the inter-webs to help me break into the region at a more accommodating pace.