Month: April 2017

Wildhurst Vineyards 2015 Reserve Chardonnay

Wildhurst Vineyards is another Lake County find. In fact, the Wildhurst tasting room is right across the street from another LC favorite stop, Fore Family Vineyards. Both tasting rooms are located in the super sleepy downtown Kelseyville. Although admittedly, for a tiny town, there are a lot of tasting rooms to choose from — all within walking distance. If you find yourself in those parts, definitely do stop by Wildhurst Vineyards. Wine to try: Wildhurst Vineyards 2015 Reserve Chardonnay.


Passaggio Wines 2015 Roussanne

Love this quote from winemaker Cynthia Cosco posted on her website:

“I believe something magical happens 
when you bring wonderful friends, awesome food,
and great wines together.”

I believe that too, Cindy. Something washes over me, a form of relief and relaxation. Something that makes my default expression a smile and my immediate response a laugh. And to all those nay-sayers and negative energies…


Bohème Wines 2012 Stuller Vineyard Pinot Noir

Bohème Wines takes its name based on its Bohemian Highway location along the Sonoma Coast. Back in 1872 a San Francisco-based men’s club, the Bohemian Club was established — a group of artists, prominent business leaders, even a few government officials. In 1878, the men decided to follow the Bohemian Highway route to what is now referred to as the Bohemian Grove. Here the club would host a two to three week encampment celebrating art in all forms — whether created by man or nature.


Sauvignon Blanc Day – Best of the Blanc

Celebrate National Sauvignon Blanc Day with Briscoe’s Best of the Blanc

It’s Sauvignon Blanc Day. That really doesn’t mean anything, but my site is just over a year old and I’ve now got a good wine archive going. So I thought I’d celebrate with a little grape variety/wine varietal 101 and my top SB reviews.

Sauvignon Blanc grape field; Sancerre, France